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Give Time to Yourself: Have a Perfect Tan to Glorify your Beauty

Are you also a fan of sun kissed look? If yes, then get ready for a glowing, safe tan this summer! Who doesn’t like a warm glowing skin with masked blemishes? However, getting the right tan is a tricky business. You have to take care of UV rays, have to avoid awkward tan lines and orange color. But, don’t worry! Having a little forethought and knowledge, you can overcome all these problems and get the desired tanned skin this summer. Tell the people who keep on asking whether it is possible for very fair skinned people to get glowing tanned skin that it is possible!  Stunning golden tan of Scandinavians, Germans who are incredibly pale is an excellent example and a source of motivation for you.

How to get tan

We have collected some ideas from these golden tanned beauties. You have to follow these tanning secret tips to get a beautiful golden glow in short period of time.

Avoid sun bed

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It is a myth created by some salons that a sunbed can give you a healthy tan. According to Dr. Nick Lowe, such tanning beds are not healthy at all as they pump out UVA in excessive amount that boosts the skin cancer risk. Apparently, such tanning beds don’t provide UVB to our bodies.

How long to tan?

Take notice of the time when UV radiation is at its peak. It is usually between 10am to 2 pm. You should tan when there is minimum chance of sun damage. Tanning for a maximum of 1 hour per day is safe and risk free. You have to understand that tanning all the day is of no use as sun doesn’t produce melanin after cut-off point. Every person has own cut off point and people with fair skins usually have smaller time to get tan.  You are advised to get a glowing golden tan gradually. Planning to get tan within shorter time period would only damage your skin.

Exfoliate the skin

Exfoliation before outdoor tan is an effective strategy to minimize the side effects and maximize the tan effectiveness. It involves removal of dead skin cells from upper skin layer and allows appearance of fresher skin. It also results into an even skin tone by removing oil and dirt and preventing acne. Skin scrubbing could be done at home by using least expensive scrubs like oatmeal, salt and sugar with exfoliating glove or loofah pad. Removal of dead skin cells would result into more shallow skin and tan would last longer. It would also result into more easy and appealing tan that would appear and diminish evenly.


hydrating for oily skin
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Drink plenty of water and jump into pool now and then to cool your body down. Don’t think that it would harm your tan. Afterwards, don’t forget to use sun screen. Moreover, do proper moisturizing with a lotion that contains sodium PCA. It assists in maintaining healthy epidermis and functions by drawing moisture from air. Moisturize your skin before as well as during the tanning to minimize the hazardous effects of UV rays.

Ensue eye protection

Eyes are most vulnerable to UV rays. Protect them! You are suggested to wear a hat during tanning. At the least, don’t open your eyes or wear sun glasses. Hypothalamus gland gets stimulated by your optic nerve’s bright light that resultantly produces melanin, which helps you getting a deeper tan.

Use Sunscreen while tanning

You are advised to use a sun screen cream that suits your skin complexion. In case you don’t apply sunscreen, UVB and UVA rays would damage your skin and you may get your skin burned instead of getting a tan. Moreover, use lap balm to protect your lips from sun damage. Best way to apply sun screen is to apply it in shade and allow twenty to twenty five minutes for soaking before you go outside. Remember that sun screens are not water proof. So, it you jump into the pool, reapply sun screen or every couple of hours as stated on product label. In case, you feel that skin is getting overly red. Your skin is burning! Get out of the sun immediately otherwise it could turn into a serious damage.

Use tan accelerators smartly

There are various tan accelerators available in the market that contain antioxidants, vitamins and fatty acids that are essential for skin nourishment. They are equally important for creation of perfect tanning condition in accordance to your skin.


Lying idol to get a sun tan is not a good idea. Move while tanning. It’s better to do some sort of exercise to boost blood circulation. It would also help you to prepare your skin for soaking sun light. Doing exercise while tanning would result into a more natural look that would be very different to simply lying under sun. outdoor most suitable exercises while tanning are beach volleyball and yoga swimming.

Consume sun friendly foods

There are some foods that contain ingredients to boost lycopene that is skin’s own SPF. Tomatoes are enriched in it. Moreover, fish, green tea and other red and orange vegetables and fruits also contain excessive amount of ingredients good for boosting lycopene. Sun protection by this way is increased by 33 percent. Here is a good news! Are you a chocolate lover? Well, it would be interesting to know that dark chocolates are enriched with flavonoids, which protect your skin from serious sun burns. You can also minimize cancer risk by consuming appropriate level of caffeine. Last but not the least, don’t forget to take 1 to 2 milk glasses before going under the sun.

Keep this thing in mind that your skin would require time for repairing after sun bath. So, take a break before having another session of outdoor trekking. There is a very basic and simple principle: your skin would be good if you would be good to it.

Have a happy tan!


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