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What to Eat on Keto Diet for Weight Loss Meal Plan

I’m going to be going over the food to eat and what not to eat on keto. let’s go. so the first thing that you want to do is try and find low carb alternatives to the really call with car be food that we eat like rice, pastas, breads, best skits the most common one would be like cauliflower rice, everyone’s kind of hair does that, but there’s actually a lot of different vegetable races you can try and I would really recommend doing some research because some of them have fantastic nutritional profile. the second thing you’re going to want to make sure and do is eat plenty of nutrient-dense fats, and talking about grass-fed butter, really high-quality olive oil and coconut oil and avocados.

What To Eat On Keto

stay away from the heavily refined oils and butters. they do not allow your liver to function properly they clog all up, and that is bad because that is where are these 6 fat burning hormones are produced. so some really great examples of fit that you want to

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eat on keto would be calciferous vegetables, I am talking kale, cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts. and there’s an amazing recipe for a cauliflower a Korean substitute, is really easy to make and it will help you miss carbs just that little bit less. as for the foods not to eat, well the less

is quite extensive. so we know not to eat carbs, we’ve been over that but there were several other things you to bear in mind. so when trying to pick healthy foods on the keto diet you want to bear a few things in mind. and one of them is that you dog on a spike your insulin with more than what have to. every time you eat your well spike your insulin levels but you want to try and maintain that keep a little and that’s why we also do intermittent fasting. so first you want to try and avoid our

starchy foods like potatoes, and very much sweet potatoes, and fruit, yogurt, milk, beans anything like that. I know that each of those foods and healthy on its own and as a lot of them have really great nutritional properties but sadly they also score high on the glycemic index which means that you’re gonna end up with a massive spike in insulin and that is a huge no-no. when your insulin spikes that high when these things are comparative really quickly into sugar you end up hurting the fat burning process on hold from anywhere between for 24 hours and 72. that is a huge urinal on keto when first started on keto and might seem like your options are limited, and I know it can come across like that. but just with a little bit of research I honestly I tell you right now, you can find a substitute for just about anything. and guys follow these steps and I guarantee you’re gonna start to see some really great weight loss have fun on your keto journey make sure

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