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Super Effective Ways To Lose Arm Fat

Big or flabby arms can ruin the whole image! It is really hard to carry to carry a slim suit and going sleeveless is out of the question. Both guys and girls face the same issue and try hard to lose arm fat quickly. Guys seek for huge muscles while girls dream of slim and toned arms. Saggy arms are horrendous for both! If you are also searching for a quick solution, then you have landed at right place. This reading will provide some valuable advice that could work wonders in losing the arm fat effectively and quickly.

Tips to lose arm fat

weight lose tips for arms
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There are techniques that that can help you to lose the arm fat, however, keep this thing in mind that nor of these tips can produce the desired results overnight. You need to be patient and consistent if you really want to lose the arm fat.

  • First of all, reduce your calorie intake. Instead of starving, it is better to consume the food items that enrich of vitamins and minerals and have low calories.
  • Drink a lot of water to flush out the toxins.
  • Consume foods that contain proteins like non-greasy meat, fish, crabs, fruits, and vegetables.

Besides changing the eating habits, some physical exercises can also reduce the arm fat if chosen wisely, depending upon your sex and cause behind flabby arms.


Push-ups can burn the fat in the upper arm. It is a simple exercise that doesn’t require barbells, dumbbells or any other exercise equipment. However, the effectiveness of exercise depends on your body weight. A heavy body can burn the stubborn arm fats more quickly than a light body. You can get the desired outcome by focusing on the triceps.

Counter push-ups

The counter push-up is more effective than the push-up exercise. You can do it by using a kitchen counter or a table to maintain the focus on stability. Your feet should touch the counter base, and you are required to hold the edge of the counter with your arms. Straighten the back and balance your feet. Touch the counter by coming down bending the elbows. Repeat the process at least 20 times in three sets daily. Within few days, your arms would be toned.


The scissors exercise is the most effective and can quickly reduce the arm fat. The technique is extremely beneficial if you are seeking to lose the weight. As the name implies, it’s just like opening and closing a scissor. To begin the exercise, stand straight and lift your arms forward at shoulders’ height. Stretch the arms to one side and bring back to original position. The left hand should be overlapped by the right one. It appears to be like an open scissor. Repeat the process in the opposite direction. You need to do this exercise at least 10 times in three sets on a daily basis.

Arm circle

The exercise is good for shaping and toning flabby arms. It could be done with and without weights. While doing this exercise, you can hold a 600 ml water bottle in each hand. Stand straight and place the feet with a shoulder width. Extend the arms to both sides in front of you. Afterward, switch the position to fifty backward circles. The forward and backward movements would tone the arm muscles including the biceps, triceps, back and shoulder muscles.

These are some advice that can actually help you lose the arm fat. However, using a combination of it can produce better and quick results.


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